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Pastor Dennis McCown has been in ministry 27yrs. He has served as Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader, Assistant Pastor, Pastor and Church Planter, and Lead Pastor Currently @ Faith City COG. Radically saved through faith and prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ at a party at the age of 19 He went from darkness to light and has never been the same. Delivered instantly from drugs, alcohol and the like Dennis immediately began following Jesus. As a troubled teen he spent time in detention home, psychiactric home, jail, and a few months at Laredo-a prison located in Bakersfield Calif. Pastor McCown has totally enjoyed serving the Lord and being a Christian and although it has not been without trials, temptations, hardships and struggles he's been quoted as saying that "God has given me everything I ever needed, and the best is yet to come". Pastor Dennis has been married for 26 yrs to his beloved wife and friend Marsha, they have 4 children. He has also worked as a contractor/lineman for many years.  Pastor Dennis is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God. A graduate of Judaic Christian Studies and The COG School of Ministry in pursuit of a Pastoral Ministry Degree. Pastor Dennis is also an accomplished musician he plays guitar, piano and other instruments and has written about 100 original songs.

Pastor/Bishop/Chaplain: Dennis McCown pastors the Church and preaches the Gospel with a strong anointing. He believes the Supernatural Power of God should be manifesting in every persons life with Jesus Christ ( Yeshua Ha Mashiach ) as the central theme and focus.  Pastor Dennis believes it is God's will for you To be Saved, Sanctified, and Filled with The Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking In Other Tongues as the SPIRIT gives UTTERANCE as well as Operating in the GIFTS of the SPIRIT and manifesting the FRUITS of the SPIRIT living this life with and in the Joy Of The Lord, The Peace Of God and Victory In Jesus. Pastor Dennis believes all this glory of Jesus Christ is alive and well and absolutely available for your life because Jesus Christ IS ALIVE AND WELL, but YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN meaning experience that Spiritual Transformation whereby you go from spiritual death to spiritual life, you go from being lost in sin to being found in HIM. Repentance toward God and Faith in Jesus empowers you to take up your CROSS and follow Jesus.

God has all power to break any and all bondages, addictions, and chains related to your physical, spiritual, and mental health. The healing virtue of Jesus of Nazareth is still available today. God does manifest His power through preaching and ministry. Pastor McCown preaches from the KJV of the Bible. Come visit and be challenged to live and walk in Victory in this world and be ready for the world to come. Glory!